Zion’s Confirmation Ministry

Zion wants to have its youth growing in their baptismal faith.  God’s love is expressed clearly and publicly in God’s adoption ceremony of baptism. At that time the newly baptized are given a faith chest in which they can keep milestones of their faith journey. We like them to keep Bible story books, Bibles, first communion certificates, their baptismal candle, Sunday School papers and drawings,  and other mementos of their faith growth. All the experiences related to these items help them in their faith journey.

After their seventh grade year we engage young Christians in a more intense confirmation ministry. This ministry includes:
1. Going to confirmation camp for a week in the summer after seventh grade.
2. Going to four out of five four week classes in Eighth Grade, and to three out of five similar classes in Ninth grade while studying Luther’s Catechism about the Ten Commandments, the Apostles’ Creed, the Lord’s Prayer, Baptism and Communion plus an elective.
3. Regularly attending Sunday School and worship in grades 8, 9 and 10 and doing a total of 40 services responses during that time as well as serving as acolytes and coffee servers.
4. Attending intergenerational events with parents about the faith and conference youth events in seventh, eighth and ninth grades, and being with their parents in a month long Sunday morning class in their tenth and eleventh grade years.
5. Conversing with mentors during eighth and ninth grades during the season of Lent.
6. Writing about or meeting with adult Christian leaders to discuss their belief at least four times during their tenth grade year and the fall of their eleventh grade.
7. Celebrating with a confirmation banquet in the eleventh grade year culminating in a confirmation service on the second Sunday of October in their eleventh grade year.


Psalm Written by Christina’s Confirmation Class
September, 2009
Our God is an awesome God,
Amazing Grace,
Everybody has something to offer.
We call you Father, Messiah, Holy Spirit, King
You are strong, Holy and sacred.
You are our savior and we worship you.
You are our friend when we need you.
You met us in our Baptisms and called us
your dear children Zach, Skylar, Daryn, Devan and Christina.
We want to know you better so we praise and worship you.
We came before you on our hands and knees to ask you
to forgive our sins,
We wonder what is heaven like and why do we do the things we do?
But even if we don’t know the answer now, that’s OK.
Your Spirit surrounds us.
Your love overwhelms us.
Your strength surrounds us.
You are victorious.
You are majestic.
You are joyful.
You are God.