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Tell Me the Stories of Jesus– Learn discipleship. Have fun together. Live out your faith.
 Intergenerational VBS Registration Form
June 3-6, 2013   6:00 – 8:00 pm
Zion Lutheran Church
 Litchfield, MN 55355
Student’s Names:( Ages 3 by Sept. 1, 2011 – all age adults):
Parent/Guardian Name( if applicable):
Home telephone:                                                                Cell phone:
Home e-mail address:
Children’s ages:                                                             Last school grade completed:
Please list any allergies (including food allergies) the VBS staff should be aware of:
·        The Bd. of Education would like to encourage everyone to attend VBS this year. We are aware that time with our children can sometimes be difficult to find, so we want parents to come and be an example to their children about how to live out their faith. We also encourage people of all ages to come and show each other what it is like to be a disciple as we live out our faith together.
·        Parents of 4 yrs- 6th grade encouraged to attend with children, or may go to adult study time
·        Youth 7th -12th gr. Encouraged to help younger children, and gather as a youth group
·        Grandparents, singles, youth, all ages come together
Youth & Adult VBS 
Youth Study: (Grades 7-12 ) Name/ or Names:_________________________
Adult Study: Name/ or Names:______________________________
 Please join us for a light supper @ 5:30 pm (free will offering)
Number of People who will be having supper at church:   



Volunteer to teach/help with VBS below:

The Board of Education is very excited for the upcoming VBS opportunities for all disciples to enrich their faith journeys. We ask that you prayerfully consider your gifts, and how you may be called to help in either of the VBS opportunities that we will offer at Zion.   PLEASE RETURN THIS FORM TO THE CHURCH OFFICE BY SUNDAY, May 1st
I recognize that God has gifted me to help with VBS in the following way(s):
Preschool VBS, “God’s Creature Big & Small” May 13-16th , 9:30 – 11:00am 
_______ Teacher of a small class                                  Days you are available:
                                                                                                Monday      _____
_______ Teacher Assistant                                                        Tuesday     _____
                                                                                                 Wednesday _____
_______ Worship and Storytelling Leader                                     Thursday    _____
_______ Child Care Provider
_______ Snack Preparer
EVENING VBS – “Tell Me the Stories of Jesus” – June 3-6, 6:00-8:00 pm
_______ Shepherd (Leading a class – SMALL amount of teaching involved/ primary tasks are building relationships among the group, and encouraging full participation in Renew activities)                       
                Grade level preferred (Preschool), (K-1), (2-3), (4-6),
_______  Assistant to a shepherd
_______ Youth/Adult VBS Leader “Renew- Parable of the Sower”
_______ Activity Site Leader- Leads one of the activity sites- Art, Science, Crafts. Helps kids dig deeper into the wonder of Jesus’ ministry.
_______ Games Leader- Leads game site for different age levels
_______ Snack Leader- Coordinates and leads daily snack time
_______ Preschool Site Leader- Leads the self-contained Preschool activity site
_______ Gathering Leader- leads the gathering time, teaches the Bible story, and guides the daily ritual challenge
_______ Music Leader
_______ Child Care Provider
_______ Evening Meal Leader or assistant                                                            SIGNED: ____________________
Questions?: Call Mindy @693-3207, 693-1180, or