Offering and Tithes

God wondrously keeps creation going by blessing everyone of us with abilities, resources, talents and time. God gives us all these gifts whether we are aware of them or not. God’s gifts given to us in kindness do not depend upon whether we are grateful or whether we even care about God.  God keeps on giving. 

Yet as we come to know God and grow in relationship with God, we are aware of the love and mercy of God. We come to appreciate the kindness of God. We give because God has first given to us. With gratitude and joy, we want to give back to God, use what we have in service to God, and use our abilities and resources to help others and to help them know God. God gives us freedom in how we use our abilities, resources, talents and time; however we all seek to use what we have out of our relationship with God.

We at Zion believe that all of us are stewards. Stewards are people who take care of other people’s property and money. We are all stewards because all that we have and use are daily gifts from God, and it is our responsibility to use what we have in ways that serve and please God. 

Therefore, we respond by using these gifts in ways that will help God’s mission go forward. Among many other things, we give from our financial resources. We give so God’s news will be shared with others in our community and in the world.  

Our financial resources, our offerings are given as a response to God’s daily generosity to us. We at Zion have three designations for our offerings.  The general fund supports the ongoing work of the congregation, the synod and our national church. Most of the general fund goes to pay for the work of our staff in this congregation and in the community.

The mission fund supports God’s work beyond the congregation by sponsoring missionaries in Kenya, Ecuador, Spain, Japan and Tanzania, by helping partner congregations in the Appleton prison and among Middle Eastern people in Dearborn, Michigan, the many mission activities of Global Health Ministries, and our companion circuit in South Africa.

The building fund (Christ for All Generations, Zion for All Generations) supports payment of the mortgage derived from our building project in 2005. Our building is well used by the congregation and by many groups in the community. 
In the Bible, people often gave 10% which has been known as a tithe. They did not give in order to fulfill some law or to just to do their duty; they gave a tithe as a response to being loved. Giving a tithe can be a goal or a reality for all of us. We try to model tithing by giving at least 10% of our offerings to ministry outside of our selves. Our stewardship board engages in year round stewardship education about using our abilities, resources, talents and time.

People are reminded yearly of the great goodness of God as they are encouraged to give a percentage of their income in support of God’s mission through Zion. In late October and early November, we give Zion members an opportunity to respond by making estimates of their giving as they support God’s mission for the coming year.