Ways to do God’s Work

Teams and Committees

Zion is blessed to have many active and involved lay people.  We empower and encourage many lay members to use their abilities and assets so that God’s love is known and shared. Our church’s constitution gives much power to Zion’s teams. Teams meet almost monthly and set direction, plan events and try to serve God, the congregation and the community. Zion’s council can change what a team plans, but only by a three fourth’s vote, and that almost never happens.  Teams are composed of six to twelve members who serve for 2 year terms (renewable once), and we have ten boards so many ordinary, active lay people are involved in Zion’s mission of “Sharing and Growing in God’s Love”.
Here are Zion’s teams and organizations, and ways to be involved in doing God’s work at Zion.

Mission Outreach: Promotes and encourages making God’s word known throughout the world. This board raises up interest in foreign missions by supporting our 5 sponsored missionary units, helping in projects in Global Health Ministry and supporting ministry among prisoners in the Appleton prison, and ministry among Middle Eastern people in Dearborn, MI.

Parish Health:  Seeks to promote wellness and health in the congregation and in the community. The Team seeks to help develop an holistic life and wellness among people.

Parish Life and Fellowship: Works  to promote better fellowship among members of Zion by arranging for common meals, fun events and gatherings where people can get to know one another and enjoy working together in mission.

Properties: Takes seriously its responsibilities to care for the buildings of the congregation and the land of the full block Zion occupies.  Members are practical people who keep up the place so it serves the various ministries of Zion and community groups (such as AA, 4H etc.)

Social Concerns: Strives to have God’s new life in daily life among all people. This team helps to feed the hungry in the community with various food distributions and promotes good environmental practices as well as responding to social needs in the community and disasters in the world.

Stewardship: Educates people throughout the year that all we have is a gift from God, so our responsibility is be stewards of God’s gifts in all of life including our financial support of Zion’s ministry and the ministry of the church in the world.

Christian Child Care: Functions as the Board of the Directors of the Kids of the Kingdom Child Care program that Zion offers to the community for babies through pre-school and latch key. This team sets policies for Kids of the Kingdom together with the Director of Kids of the Kingdom.

Faith Formation:  Cares that every child from three years old through high school comes to know God’s love and grows in Christian faith. This team works with the Director of Faith Formation to provide education in Sunday School, the Wednesday afternoon and evening programs (for 1st-6th graders), pre- school Vacation Bible School, Vacation Bible School and Day Camp.

Evangelism: Reaches out in the community so that people will know what is happening at Zion, helps to train Zion members to share their faith and invite others, promotes hospitality and seeks to make God’s news visible in the community.

Lay Ministry: Centers on the importance of worship, and being sure that worship goes well by having scripture readers, communion assistants and lay involvement in worship.

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Organizations with many active lay people also serve to make God’s news known. These include:

WELCA (Women of the ELCA):  Meets in smaller circles monthly to do Bible studies and meets  for larger programs once a month for education, inspiration, community and service.

ALTAR GUILD  Does practical things to keep the sanctuary set up for worship by changing the color of the cloths in front of church, arranging flowers and banners, and putting up flowers for worship as well as preparing the elements for holy communion.

SEWING CIRCLE Puts together quilts biweekly so that people throughout the world and in thecommunity stay warm.

ENDOWMENT COMMITTEE Gathers quarterly to use the interest from Zion’s small endowment to provide funds to support youth, provide camperships to youth going to camp and to support Zion  members going to seminary to be pastors.

MEMORIAL COMMITTEE Receives and distributes memorial gifts given to Zion to support Zion’s  ministries and mission.

Personnel Committee:  This committee consists of representatives from some boards and people appointed and elected in the church. This committee deals with employment, staff and personnel matters.

Nominating Committee: This group meets before the annual meeting to nominate officers, board members and committee members to be elected by the congregation.

Auditing Committee: This small committee of three reviews the treasurer’s reports before the annual meeting.