Zion sponsors 6 missionaries:

Gloria Sauck

Gloria Sauck works as the Central Diocese Health Dept. Coordinator of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Kenya helping to supervise current ELCK health facilities therein and develop new health facilities and health programs.  She has previously been a nurse administrator working in Kenya 18 years amongst the Samburu and Rendille people. She was in charge of the dispensaries in Arsim, and Illaut which served a large area of northern Kenya, providing the most basic primary healthcare to rural communities; e.g. immuniza-tions, family planning, wound dressing, colds, diarrhea and simple malaria. She worked in health education using Samburu music and drama and ran an eye clinic at the dispensary to treat Trachoma, an eye disease from unsanitary living conditions, typically from living in such close proximity with animals.

 Website:  www.wmpl.org


Steven & Bethany Friberg

Dr. Friberg was raised in Tanzania,   completed his education in the USA, then returned to Tanzania in 1993 because of the medical needs of people there.  The Fribergs have twin boys, Nyika and Zaka, and a daughter Shalai.  Steve is the medical director for a number of clinics (dispensaries) in northern Tanzania. Most of the clinics are in remote, rural areas bringing basic medical services to the Maasai people, focusing heavily on maternal and child healthcare and HIV/AIDS prevention/treatment. Bethany works with women in an income-generating beading project. The forty Maasai women in this project have each fallen on difficult times, many having been abandoned by their husbands. The project helps the women develop independence, self-esteem, and economic stability- positively affecting them and their families and their status in the community. Zion sells their beadwork through its Fair Trade Store.

 Email: bethany.friberg@gmail.com



Elisabeth Johnson

Dr. Elisabeth Johnson serves as a seminary professor at the Lutheran Institute of Theology in Meiganga, teaching New Testament courses to students preparing for service as pastors and leaders in the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Cameroon and other countries in western Africa. She also assists in providing continuing education opportunities within the church in Cameroon and in creating networks and connections between the Theological Institute and other global theological institutions. In the past Elisabeth has taught on the Gospels and the Pauline Tradition at Luther Seminary. 

Email: elisajo@msn.com


Jordan and Aubrey Monson  

Jordan and Aubrey Monson serve in Lusophone Africa with The Seed Company and Wycliffe Bible translators. Jordan is from Litchfield and grew in the faith here at Zion. Aubrey is from Apple Valley.  They have two young sons, Everett and Jameson.

They serve minority language communities in São Tomé and Príncipe as well as Angola. They train locals to begin work on Bible translation in their heart languages and then come alongside them to consult on the exegetical, theological, and linguistic complexities of the Biblical text. Together with their African colleagues, they’re currently working on translating audio Bible stories, the book of Luke, the Jesus Film, and later they will move on to a full New Testament and portions of the Old Testament.

Thank you for sending Aubrey and Jordan to reach the nations.



Jordan shares about his ministry: Jordan Monson Presentation

Email: jordan_monson@tsco.org
Email: aubrey_monson@tsco.org



Karen Anderson grew up in Owatonna, MN and became a nurse. She hasserved as a missionary with the ELCA in Chile from 1982–2000. She helped found Education Popular en Salud (EPES) which is a project of the ELCA. She had a wonderful reconnection in 2009 when she returned to help the EPES staff design, launch and direct EPES’ International Training Course on Popular Education in Health EPES, which among other important tasks explores the role of the church in the struggle for health and human rights. EPES works to build a sustainable health care organization dedicated to promoting the health, dignity and rights of the poor in Chile. 

Website: http://www.mercycorps.org/karenanderson/blog




Paul and Becky Hagen are World Mission Prayer League missionaries appointed to work in Nepal with International Nepal Fellowship(INF).

Paul and Becky Hagen are World Mission Prayer League missionaries appointed to work among the Nepali diaspora.  They are currently based in Malaysia where they continue to visit groups of Nepali migrant workers to encourage and train them.  There are about a million Nepalis working in Malaysia where they work predominantly in low paying jobs usually for three or four year contracts.  They often work twelve hours a day, six days a week so there is limited time for fellowship.  The Hagens are partnering with others to help migrants be more effective  by strengthening them in faith, family relationships and their finances.  They travel to Nepal a couple times a year to maintain contact with former colleagues and fellowships and to develop and test training materials.

Email: pabechagen@gmail.com
Website: inf.org