Pastor Troy Pflibsen

Pastor Troy began life in a small town on the plains of north central Iowa.  When fourteen he moved with his family to the big city and mountains of Colorado Springs, Colorado.  During these years he returned each summer to Iowa to work at Riverside Lutheran Bible Camp, near Story City, Iowa.  Yes, he left Colorado in the summer to return to Iowa . . .  It worked out well though, because at Riverside he met his wife Carolyn, and he first heard the call to ministry.  He successfully ignored the call for several years and began his collegiate work in the engineering school at the University of Colorado at Boulder.  God eventually won out and he graduated with degrees in psychology and recreation.  Pastor Troy and Carolyn were married in 1987 and then moved to the lakes and woods of northern Minnesota where Pastor Troy served as a youth director and camp program.  Then it was off to the mighty Mississippi and Wartburg Seminary in Dubuque, Iowa.  That was not enough study so more graduate work on the shores of Lake Michigan at Marquette University.  Pastor Troy eventually received his Ph. D. in historical theology in 2006.  During this time Elizabeth and John were born and Pastor Troy and Carolyn together served three parishes in Iowa.  Pastor Troy is excited to be back among the lakes and trees of Minnesota and thankful for the partnership in ministry with the folks of Zion!

Contact Info:
phone: 320-693-3207
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