Zion’s Past has helped make us who we are.

Zion like all churches is thankful that God has worked among
people through the centuries to bring the news of Christ down
to the present generation. Jesus started us as he has all other
Christian churches.

Zion owes part of its identity to Martin Luther (from 500 years ago)
who told of the wonderful grace of God in Jesus and that message
is central to what Zion says and does today.  People who believed that
news and who spoke Norwegian settled in the Meeker County area of
Minnesota. In 1920 they started to worship together and formed
Zion Lutheran church.

In their early years Zion members did not have a building home
until they moved to “Old Zion” down on Darwin street in Litchfield,
MN in 1931. From there they spread the news of Christ until 1962.

The congregation grew substantially after World War II and in 1962
moved to its new site at fifth and Gilman in Litchfield. It continued
to grow and had remodeling projects in 1984, 1994 and 2005. Its staff
has grown as well. Yet what is really important is that it tries to
keep sharing its news that “Christ is for all generations and Zion is
for all generations.”  Zion lives by its mission belief that it is “Sharing
and Growing in God’s Love” and it wants you to share in that love
and grow in knowing it more and more every day.